Betterguards Technologie ist die Innovation gegen Sprunggelenkverletzungen

Safety belt for joints

Our innovative and multiple patented technology offers effective protection with natural freedom of motion.

Die Betterguards Technologie kann im Schuh integriert werden

Ankle protection in shoes

The Betterguards Technology can be integrated as a component in various products.

Sportomedix ankle support

Sportomedix ankle support

The first ankle support with integrated Betterguards Technology. For effective protection and natural freedom of motion.

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The Betterguards System - intelligent component

Betterguards System

The innovation against joint injuries

The Betterguards Technology is a revolutionary new component for injury prevention.
Due to its unique characteristics it offers - integrated in shoes, supports or other products - reliable protection with maximum freedom of motion.

  • Protection against injuries in milliseconds
  • Long lasting – proven for more than two million cycles
  • Higher freedom of motion and more comfortable than rigid systems
  • No influence of temperature on its performance
  • Based on the anatomy and tuned to fit the application
  • The Betterguards Technology is currently protected by 15 patents
  • Externally validated by the Julius Wolff Institute (Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

The Betterguards Technology on the ankle model

Innovative protection for the ankle joint

Unlike traditional solutions on the market, the Betterguards Technology behaves differently when the foot moves slowly and jerkily. Thus, as a completely new system, it combines the best of two worlds:

A maximum freedom of motion with an effective protective function. An innovative and intelligent ankle protection.

Safety belt for joints


Starting point of our technology

For the development of our technology we have used the fascination of dilatant fluids. These fluids change their viscosity when they move at different speeds.


FastProtect Malleo von Sportomedix Frontansicht
Die FastProtect Malleo von Sportomedix

The ankle support with integrated Betterguards Technology

Together with the Julius Zorn GmbH, we have developed a revolutionary ankle protection. The FastProtect Malleo from Sportomedix combines the characteristics of protection and flexibility to a completely new product in injury prevention.

So that you are optimally protected in sports and can concentrate on what really counts - your performance!

Brand Partnerships

Betterguards Technology Logo

B2B - Achieving more together

We are a technology supplier and development partner for companies in the fields of sports, medical technology and occupational safety and thus a classic "ingredient brand". Together we develop with you:

  • Innovative products
  • Smart solutions
  • Appealing designs


Betterguards Technologie Validierung

Tested thoroughly

To guarantee a high quality standard, we have our product tested internally and externally with numerous test procedures.

The Julius Wolff Institute of the Charité Berlin has conducted a study on our Betterguards Technology. We are proud that our Betterguards System has been successfully validated by such an established institute.

Testing our technology will continue to be an integral part of our Betterguards philosophy.

Paradigm shift in injury prevention - Betterguards combines protection and freedom of motion

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Kraft
TU Berlin, Department of Medical Technology

The company

Gruender Teaser

B2B - Our business model

We deliver the technology - the so-called Betterguards System - and our partners deliver the finished product. With Betterguards inside.

In addition to the Betterguards System, we also provide our experience of how our system needs to be integrated into our partner's product to ensure the technology works.

In addition, we offer other add-ons such as material recommendations, kits and building instructions to help our partners integrate the technology as efficiently as possible.

Betterguards Adaptor