Basketball shoes - more than just equipment

After a break in basketball due to the Corona Virus, the season may be continued in the Basketball-Bundesliga in June with a final tournament and a proper hygiene concept. Meanwhile, the NBA is also expected to resume as soon as possible in America. A transfer to Disneyland is also being discussed - Donald Duck and Co. will be pleased.

And even though Live Sports have been in short supply lately, the American Basketball League still attracted attention with the documentary series "The Last Dance" on Netflix. The series covers the success story of basketball legend Michael Jordan and is currently on everyone's lips.

In addition to impressive performances on the court and the high level of athleticism, basketball also inspires with its unique shoe fashion. Therefore, the phenomenon of basketball as an exciting sport with its shoe-loving athletes and fans is of special interest for the innovative Betterguards Technology.

Great sport - major injury worries

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and many more - the list of talents and sports stars who have left their mark on the NBA is long. And rightly so. Professional basketball players make actions in this demanding sport seem effortless. But even these athletes, despite their impressive physique, are not immune to injuries. After all, the speed and forces that occur during a game are at least as high as the players themselves. The results are muscle and ligament injuries – the latter occuring especially in the ankle.

According to the VBG sports report, ankle injuries account for about 19.2% of all injuries. NBA players were forced to take a break from a total of 530 games in the 2019 season due to ankle injuries. The absences do not only cause headaches for the fans, but also for the respective coaches and general managers, as the players are of course essential for sporting and thus also economic success.

Basketball shoes: design meets protection

When buying a basketball shoe, you really are spoilt for choice. You can choose between high-cut, mid-cut or low-cut models, eye-catching colours and additional specifications, such as special cushioning soles or extra protection for the ankle joints. Manufacturers of basketball shoes like to use the supposed protection of ankle joints as a strong selling point. However, these shoe features do not offer effective ankle protection.

If you take a look at the feet of the basketball players you will often see an extra layer of tape or even orthoses. However, these stabilization measures are either costly, provide only limited protection or restrict the players' freedom of motion. And in accordance to the motto: "Look good, feel good, play good", an innovative approach to injury prevention is needed, which on the one hand offers reliable protection and on the other hand ensures the players their required freedom of motion without resorting to additional, cumbersome products.

The innovative Betterguards Technology provides basketball shoe manufacturers with an opportunity to integrate the intelligent component - the so-called Betterguards System - directly into the shoe manufacturing process.
Far away from tape and orthoses, the Betterguards ankle protection in basketball shoes helps athletes to concentrate on what really matters: their performance in the game.

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