Former national handball player Martin Strobel joins Betterguards advisory board

Berlin, January 29, 2021 - every athlete is familiar with painful ligament injuries that are disabling and severely limiting, not to mention the constant fear of re-injuring oneself. It affects professional and recreational athletes as well as people whose joints are heavily stressed in their daily working lives. The Berlin-based start-up Betterguards Technology GmbH has developed the Betterguards Technology, so-called safety belts for joints, to protect these people. With the former national handball player Martin Strobel, Betterguards has now acquired another important partner for the future development of the company. With his many years of experience in professional sports, the 34-year-old will from now on contribute an important part to the further development of the technology as a consultant.

"I am looking forward to the future cooperation with Betterguards. The technology definitely has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the protection and performance of athletes. I started to play with the Betterguards Technology some time ago and now I am really excited to see what the 2nd generation of Betterguards innovation can bring to the athletes’ community", says Martin Strobel who suffered several ankle injuries earlier in his career.

Ligament injuries during sports, painful sprains while hiking, twisting an ankle at work and in everyday life. The startup Betterguards prevents health-threatening injury situations with its revolutionary joint protection. Together with partners, the Berlin-based company develops, among other things, soft supports and shoes that protect against joint injuries. Integrated into them are the so-called Betterguards Systems, safety belts for the joints so to speak. "We have first partners who are already using our technology. The potential is huge. Our long-term goal is to significantly reduce the number of joint injuries. In addition to our technical expertise, we are also counting on our advisory board to help us achieve this. We are very pleased to welcome Martin Strobel as a new member," explains CEO Jocelyn Robiot.

The advisory board includes experts from various fields. Among others, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Kraft (TU Berlin, Medical Technology), Prof. Dr. Steffen Willwacher (Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Biomechanics) represent the field of science while Tiago da Silva (StartUp Mentor and former CEO of Bauerfeind AG) provides economic advice.

About Betterguards

The Betterguards Technology combines a globally unique combination of protection and freedom of movement. It offers innovative joint protection against painful ligament injuries, can be integrated into supports, shoes, protectors or gloves. The patented technology for sports, leisure and work only activates if necessary - and does so faster than a muscle, thus preventing overstretched or torn ligaments. For prevention and rehabilitation use. Betterguards was founded in 2014 and currently has 24 employees.

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