Founder Vinzenz Bichler in the Business Punk Magazine

The Business Punk Magazine honours the most creative founder ideas

With his idea to banish ankle injuries to the history books, our founder and CEO Vinzenz Bichler made it into the German business magazine "Business Punk". With its headquarter in Berlin and its motto "work hard. play hard.", the magazine has been reporting on national and international innovations from a wide range of areas since 2009 including Health & Science or Tech & Engineering. Every year, Business Punk publishes a watchlist of 100 founders who are predicted to have a great future and whose visionary ideas stand out from old, established business models. An approach that Betterguards Technology GmbH follows with its innovative injury prevention. It’s a match.

The current issue of Business Punk is now available at the newsstand or online. Beside Betterguards and Vinzenz Bichler, many more creative minds received awards. It’s worth a shot!

Betterguards exists for five years now. It took a lot of extensive tests and scientific know-how to get from the actual idea to the market-ready product.

Our B2B business model as a technology supplier and development partner for companies in the fields of medical technology, sports & leisure and occupational safety reached a major milestone in November this year: The launch of a completely new type of ankle support with our partner, Julius Zorn GmbH. The soft support can be ordered online and provides an unprecedented combination of protection and freedom of motion. With this first step in the field against ankle injuries we will start into an exciting year 2020.

The starting signal for a year full of further ideas and developments will be given in January at the ISPO in Munich.


Vinzenz Bichler in der Business Punk

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