In the Spotlight: Seven questions to Research & Development employee Sabrina Fuergutz

In our column "Seven questions to" we present the creative heads behind Betterguards. After founder Vinzenz Bichler has made the start, this time everything focuses on our long-time employee from the Research & Development department, Sabrina Fuergutz.

Sabrina undertakes important Research & Development activities in the Berlin office and thus deals daily with the implementation of the diverse application possibilities of our Betterguards Technology. As a native Canadian, Sabrina joined the Betterguards Technology GmbH for the first time during an internship for her biomedical engineering studies at the University of Guelph.

In addition to her expertise in biomedical technology and bioengineering, Sabrina ensures excellent communication with international partner companies as a native speaker in our internal footwear team. In her free time she enjoys various sports and follows her passion for bouldering.

What moved you to take the long way from Canada to come to Germany?

“I would say my passion for travel and international experiences. I also visited Germany before I went to university and always wanted to come back since then. In the engineering field “German engineering” is often equated with a higher standard (at least in Canada and the US), so practicing in my field within Germany was always something I had wanted to do.

Lastly, I also personally appreciate the culture and approach to the medical field and medical development particularly comparing to that of the US, which still highly influences the business practices in Canada as well.”

What was your personal motivation to become a part of the Betterguards team?

“I think my story is similar to that of many of my colleagues. Through several injuries, especially to the ankle, I was able to identify directly with the problem of joint injuries. When I first heard about Betterguards through an online job posting, I was immediately taken with the idea and its potential.”

Does working life differ between Germany and Canada?

“I don't quite want to draw a real comparison between the countries based on my previous experience with large companies from Canada and a young German company. One thing, however, is for sure handled differently in Canada. While it is common here to bring a cake for the coworkers on your birthday, it is the other way around in Canada. I will probably never fully understand this German tradition.”

What would you say has been your greatest success in the company so far?

“Rather than try to pinpoint one moment, I think my greatest success is the difference in the development status of the Betterguards System in footwear applications from when I started as an intern two years ago. The progress we’ve made in this time is huge and I feel extremely proud to be a part of the team that was responsible for it.”

What did you personally learn during your time with Betterguards?

“Working in a foreign language on a daily basis was a challenge, especially at the beginning. But it also gave me the opportunity to get an idea of what is essential for effective communication and understanding in this situation. The dynamic environment and the short decision-making processes were of great benefit to me in this respect.”

What do your daily tasks in the Footwear team look like?

“One of the great things about the footwear team is that every day can look different. My work ranges from different development projects for footwear applications which I can build and test myself using our workshop and existing validation facilities. Other days it’s developing testing equipment, which we can use to define different biomechanical parameters and test our products.

My tasks also include the technical support of our partner brands – which means working closely with their development team and suggesting smart integration solutions tailored to their production process, while ensuring the soundness of the Betterguards functionality in the finished product.”

What are your future goals?

“At the moment I am excited to continue to develop my expertise and experience and to be part of the constantly growing Betterguards team. As I have a degree in Biomedical Engineering, I would like to bring my experience with Betterguards to the medical field in the future, with a focus on orthopaedic systems and/or biomaterials.”

About the company Betterguards:

The Betterguards Technology GmbH is a technology supplier and development partner for partner companies from different areas and pursues an innovative approach to the prevention of joint injuries. The company has two locations: Research and development and management at the Berlin site and production including testing at the Brandenburg site in Hennigsdorf.

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