Our internal product tests

We test our products ourselves

The field tests are an integral part and extremely important for the development of our technology. We strongly believe that through regular practice, we can develop an even better understanding of the Betterguards System. For this, our employees meet weekly for training sessions of various sports. While fun is paramount, our Betterguards System is put through its paces. Well protected, the hours on all kind of courts brought some sporting highlights.

In addition to the practical experience with the Betterguards system and testing the technology under real conditions, the obligatory "Funday" also serves as a perfect balance to work. And what is better than a sporting get-together? In the summer we fill up our vitamin D reserves and enjoy the weather and in winter we actively strengthen our immune system. With the different sporting backgrounds of our employees, this also creates a great opportunity to exchange views on a wide variety of sports topics.

Here you can see our team in action:

Betterguards Technologie Volleyball

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