PR: Occupational safety - Betterguards with innovative protection against ankle injuries in the work environment

Berlin, October 25, 2021

Anyone who has ever had an ankle injury is familiar with it: the painful stretching of the ligaments, sometimes even the sound of tearing ligaments when you twist your ankle. Both at work and during leisure activities. Usually, the result is a lengthy treatment and healing process. And what remains afterwards is the constant fear of a new injury. Ankle injuries are the third most common injury for absences* in the working world, with an average of 16 days lost**. Apart from that, 20 percent result in chronic instabilities***, which in some cases can even lead to occupational disability. The Berlin-based start-up Betterguards Technology GmbH has developed a completely new technology that can be integrated into work shoes. The operating principle is similar to that of a seat belt in a car and can thus prevent torn or stretched ligaments.

At the world's largest occupational safety trade fair, A+A in Düsseldorf, Betterguards is launching a further generation of this adaptive protective technology, which will be ready for series production in the coming year: even smaller, more ergonomic and thus also suitable for use in mid-cut work shoes resulting in more safety and personal protection for workers. External and internal studies prove it: The Betterguards System offers a high level of protection combined with high freedom of movement. Thus, the innovation built into shoes offers significantly better comfort than conventional solutions with a combination of shoe and a stiff orthosis, so that compliance among workers will increase.

Professional athletes have already tested the system and attested to its particularly high effectiveness.  "The technology definitely has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the protection and performance of many athletes," says Martin Strobel, ex-national handball player and advisory board member at Betterguards. The 35-year-old European champion from 2016 had to deal with numerous ankle injuries during his active career.

Transferred to occupational safety, the technology can offer good protection against injuries and can help to reduce sick leave as well as chronic illnesses. What's more, in addition to providing protection, the Betterguards System gives people the opportunity to regain confidence in their own bodies. Betterguards works as a technology supplier and development partner for footwear and medical device companies. The technology is available in two designs and can be incorporated into protective work footwear and bandages.

"We offer the sophisticated technology for occupational safety footwear and want international partners to join us in bringing footwear to market. During the development process, we offer our partners workshops and validations with customized test rigs to ensure the best support for our brand partners," explains Dr. Tobias Consmüller, responsible for all product integrations at Betterguards. "With the help of our innovative technology, workers can regain confidence in their bodies after an injury and move carefree yet safely," he continues. Adaptive joint protection helps reduce lost work days while increasing a sense of safety.

Partner companies that have already integrated Betterguards' technology into their products include sports soft support brand Sportomedix (https://t1p.de/o5rn) and comfort footwear provider Avena (https://t1p.de/fwuy). Next year, the first protective work shoe is expected to hit the market.

Betterguards will have a booth at A+A in Düsseldorf, the world's largest safety and health trade show. In the Start-up Zone, Hall 10, Booth H32. We would be happy to arrange discussions with the Betterguards management.

*Source: After back and knee injuries - "Bureau of Labout Statistics (2019) - Type of Injury or Illness and Body Parts."

**Source: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (2017) National economic costs due to incapacity to work.

***Source: Al-Mohrej, O. A., & Al-Kenani, N. S. (2016). Chronic ankle instability: current perspectives. Avicenna journal of medicine, 6(4), 103-108. doi.org/10.4103/2231-0770.191446


About Betterguards

The Betterguards Technology combines a globally unique combination of protection and freedom of movement. It offers innovative joint protection against painful ligament injuries, can be integrated into supports, shoes, protectors or gloves. The patented technology for sports, leisure and work only activates if necessary - and does so faster than a muscle, thus preventing overstretched or torn ligaments. For prevention and rehabilitation use. Betterguards was founded in 2014 and currently has 26 employees.


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