The new BG Slim Adaptor

The BG Slim Adaptor is here!

The new adaptor generation is the result of the continuous development of the Betterguards Technology.
By the use of high tech micromechanics, our team of engineers, (product-) designers and biomechanics have created the BG Slim adaptor. The new adaptor generation has evolved both technically and visually.

Thanks to its special features, the BG Slim offers even more possibilities for integration into different shoe models - and is therefore particularly suitable for the sports sector. The new generation of Betterguards Technology won't replace the BG Power Adaptor. As the name suggests, the BG Power continues to be an adaptive protection system for a wide range of applications.

The BG Slim opens up new possibilities for our brand partners to use the unique combination of adaptive protection and natural freedom of movement for their products.

BG Slim V3 horizontal

The BG Slim in detail:

  •     88mm length
  •     6,4mm diameter
  •     Anatomical shape
  •     Lightweight construction
  •     Slim design
  •     Variable integration
  •     Product connections at both ends
  •     Customizable connection points

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