The NFL Draft 2020 - tomorrow's players also need better protection

In a time in which, due to Covid-19, almost every sporting event in the world has to be cancelled, an annual event resists against the virus. Admittedly, it is only partly about the sport itself, but for the American continent this event is so important, that ways and means have been found, to hold it virtually. We are talking about the NFL Draft 2020 - the big selection process for new players in the National Football League.

A big day for the young talents in football

Originally, the 85th NFL Draft (April 23-25) in Las Vegas was supposed to be held as usual in front of a large audience. But the Covid-19 pandemic made personal participations impossible. Now the 32 NFL franchises will select the most promising players from the different colleges via video and telephone conferences. As always, the first team to be select a player will be the worst team from the previous season - in this case the Cincinnati Bengals. For the young players, a dream can come true on this day. After years in college and extensive testing at the Scouting Combine, they will be playing as rookies in the US professional league from September on. Assuming they can prove themselves as athletes here as well.

NFL - not for long

The players coming out of the colleges are athletes through and through. Their physical attributes are often at the limits of what is humanly possible and leave millions in front of the television screens in awe. And yet some of them will only be active in the league for a very short time. After all, the sport, which is constantly under criticism, is merciless with its risk of injury. But many of the young players come from socially difficult backgrounds with no real alternative. Their path to the NFL is supposed to offer them financial security. But that is not guaranteed. According to the NFL players' association, the average career lasts just three years.

American sport meets Betterguards

With the Betterguards Technology there is the potential to make the sport, which is becoming more and more present in Germany, a bit safer. In addition to the scientifically validated functionality as ankle joint protection, the versatile Betterguards System is also feasible as a component for body protectors to prevent shoulder injuries, for example. In rehabilitation processes, orthoses equipped with Betterguards Technology could help to reduce injury times.

At Betterguards we continue to work hard to protect people from joint injuries. In the future, we hope to be able to help that we can admire tomorrow's players and talents for a long time. Until then, we are following the draft with great interest.

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