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Betterguards is a classic ingredient brand and acts as a technology supplier and development partner for companies in the fields of MedTech, sports & leisure, orthopaedics and occupational safety.

We accompany our partners from the idea to the finished product and contribute our know-how and development experience to make the development process of our brand partners more efficient.

This includes extensive testing in our own Betterguards Lab to ensure the functionality of our technology. In addition, we provide our partners with extensive reviews and material recommendations to make the integration of the Betterguards System in the manufacturing process as easy as possible.

We provide ideas for marketing and personally conduct wearing tests. With us as your partner, you can manufacture innovative products with unrivalled features.

Brand Partnerships with Betterguards Technology for innovative products

Added value for the use of the Betterguards Technology

The Betterguards Technology offers Brand Partners many arguments for the integration into their products. The new combination of reliable protection and maximum freedom of motion enables the manufacturing of products with a new standard in injury prevention.

With our innovation, you distinguish yourself from the competition and underline the quality image of your brand.

A cooperation with Betterguards Technology GmbH offers you:

  • Innovative technology – exclusively in the hands of your company
  • „First Mover“ at a new level of standards in performance and prevention
  • Further development of the technology adapted to your needs
  • Strengthening the brand image as innovation and quality leader with your customers
  • Quality assurance through our validation on effectiveness

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