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Every year, approximately one million people in Germany are injured in the working environment (DGUV 2018). Approximately every tenth injury affects the ankle.

While injuries in leisure time are covered by statutory and private health insurance, employees are covered by statutory accident insurance. This results, among other things, in a claim to individually constructed shoes with built-in ankle protection.

In other countries such as Austria or Switzerland, a large number of patients or private payers are supplied with individually constructed shoes by orthopaedic shoe technicians.

With our two partners Reha Aktiv 2000 in Germany and the DAVID Institute Krems in Austria, patients can count on the Betterguards Technology in the future. The responsible orthopedic shoe technicians from the network of our partners are supplied with so-called "kits" by us for this purpose, which allow for an easy integration of our technology into the shoes.

Betterguards kit

Orthopedic shoe technicians modify the shoes of affected patients using Betterguard's kits. These kits incorporate our innovative technology, as well as additional materials and components for easy integration.

ISV Shoe Kit