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Safety shoes with integrated Betterguards Technology

Ankle injuries account for a large number of lost work days among employees and are the third most common reason for absence. The injuries result in direct treatment costs totaling 1.3 billion euros. The use of safety footwear with integrated Betterguards Technology could help reduce lost productivity for employers and spare workers from painful ankle injuries.

In the process, workers retain a high range of motion due to the adaptive protection feature, which only triggers in critical situations. The concept drawing shows what such a safety shoe could look like in the future.


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Outdoor shoes with integrated Betterguards Technology

According to the German Journal of Sports Medicine, about 40% of all injuries in hiking affect the ankle. Away from the usual walking paths, the unfamiliar terrain increases the risk of painful twisting and the following injury consequences. Where alternative solutions such as orthoses restrict movement too much and classic soft support do not offer enough protection, Betterguards Technology combines natural freedom of motion with effective joint protection.

Integrated directly into the manufacturing process, Betterguards Technology can be an important product component of innovative outdoor footwear in the future, redefining the outdoor experience. What such a shoe might look like can be seen in this concept drawing.



Avena Sneaker with active protection

Together with the established comfort shoe brand Avena, we were able to develop an innovative comfort shoe that combines freedom of movement and joint protection. The intelligent integration of our Betterguards Technology ensures comfort by providing providing effective protection in daily use.

Avena Komfortschuh

“Betterguards has developed a technology that prevents ankle injuries in an absolutely convincing way. Following their conviction, the team not only offers a product but a very professional and comprehensive marketing package: from excellent technical advice and support during the shoe development to the supply of very good informative material to support the marketing, everything is included. I wish Betterguards all the best for a rapid worldwide market breakthrough -
The system is well worth it!”


Jörg Fiebig
Avena GmbH & Co. KG


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Every year, approximately 100.000 employees in Germany suffer an ankle injury (DGUV 2019).

While injuries in leisure time are covered by statutory and private health insurance, employees are covered by statutory accident insurance. This results, among other things, in a claim to individually constructed shoes with built-in ankle protection.

In other countries such as Austria or Switzerland, a large number of patients or private payers are supplied with individually constructed shoes by orthopaedic shoe technicians.

With our two partners REHA aktiv 2000 in Germany and the DAVID Institute Krems in Austria, patients can count on Betterguards Technology in the future. For this purpose, the responsible orthopedic shoe technicians from our partners' network will be provided with so-called "kits" by us, which allow easy integration of our technology into individualized shoes.

Betterguards kit

Orthopedic shoe technicians modify the shoes of affected patients using Betterguard's kits.
These kits incorporate our innovative technology, as well as additional materials and components for easy integration.

ISV Shoe Kit


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