The Betterguards Technology in orthopaedics

Better protection against joint injuries


Cost factor injury:

Ankle injuries are common in many areas of life and cost millions. In addition to the obvious costs resulting from absences from work due to injury, a substantial part of the costs is spent on the treatment and prevention of these injuries. Aids such as supports or orthoses, which are intended to assist patients during the healing process and/or prevent new injuries, are part of the standard equipment in everyday life and sports for many people.

The problem of conventional solutions:

Ordinary supports and orthoses, however, have clear disadvantages in their product characteristics.
Although orthoses provide protection, they are by no means comfortable. The hard material and bulkiness make them unusable in everyday use. Sport is often out of the question with them. As soon as the state of health allows, they are quickly removed.

In contrast, soft supports are comfortable to wear. Their material clings to the skin and does not influence our physical activity. Therefore they are a faithful companion in sports. However, soft supports have a clear disadvantage compared to orthoses: their soft fabric material offers no protection whatsoever against injuries.

The Betterguards System:

Betterguards has successfully developed a system that combines the positive characteristics of conventional solutions into a novel product - without any undesirable side effects. A high protective function combined with high freedom of motion. A real breakthrough in injury prevention.

The Betterguards Technology also offers exciting application possibilities in orthopaedics


FastProtect Malleo von Sportomedix Frontansicht
Die FastProtect Malleo von Sportomedix

The ankle support with integrated Betterguards Technology

Together with Sportomedix we have developed a revolutionary ankle protection. The FastProtect Malleo combines the characteristics of protection and flexibility to a completely new product in injury prevention.

So that you are optimally protected in sports and can concentrate on what really counts - your performance!


Starting point of our technology

For the development of our technology we have used the fascination of dilatant fluids. These fluids change their viscosity when they move at different speeds.


Betterguards Technologie Validierung

Tested thoroughly

To guarantee a high quality standard, we have our product tested internally and externally with numerous test procedures.

The Julius Wolff Institute of the Charité Berlin has conducted a study on our Betterguards Technology. We are proud that our Betterguards System has been successfully validated by such an established institute.

Testing our technology will continue to be an integral part of our Betterguards philosophy.

Brand Partnerships

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B2B - Achieving more together

We are a technology supplier and development partner for companies in the fields of sports, medical technology and occupational safety and thus a classic "ingredient brand".

In addition to our technology - the so-called Betterguards System - and our technical know-how of its operating principles, we also offer additional support in the way of material recommendations, kits and building instructions so that our partners can integrate the technology as efficiently as possible.

Together we develop:

  • Innovative products
  • Smart solutions
  • Appealing designs
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