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Ankle injuries are one of the most common injury patterns in sports and leisure activities. In Europe alone, approximately 27 million ankle injuries occur annually (Lohrer 2006). Especially in sports with abrupt changes of direction or with uneven surfaces, injuries can occur quickly. Stretching and tearing of the ligaments often lead to several weeks of downtime and constantly recurring secondary injuries, which can cause chronic instability of the joint.

Common products on the market either restrict freedom of motion (orthoses) or are ineffective against ligament injuries (soft supports). Betterguards has developed a system that combines the positive characteristics of existing solutions: a high protective function with a high degree of freedom of motion! Thus the system helps to prevent unpleasant injuries and at the same time offers a high wearing comfort.

The Betterguards System only reacts in critical moments - comparable to a safety belt in a car - and remains flexible during normal movements, i.e. does not restrict. Integrated into sports shoes, casual shoes or gloves, products with Betterguards Technology provide the perfect equipment for sports and leisure.

Betterguards Technologie in Basketball

One system - many possibilities

Sportschuh mit Betterguards Technologie

Joint protection for everyone

Sport and exercise delights a large number of people. Physical activity is part of human nature. Different types of sport have accompanied athletes over the years and shape them not only physically.

Therefore it is important to Betterguards to offer equal protection to people from different areas. By modifying the triggering speed of the protective effect, the Betterguards Technology can be adapted in many ways to the specific field of application. This feature makes Betterguards a pioneer in intelligent injury prevention. In the manufacturing process of the equipped products, the respective Betterguards System is directly installed.

Whether trail running on uneven ground or playing basketball indoors - effective joint protection is more important than ever thanks to the innovative and intelligent Betterguards Technology.


Basketballschuhe der Zukunft

Sports shoes with integrated ankle protection

We are currently in the process of equipping sports and leisure shoes with integrated Betterguards Technology. For this purpose, we are developing exciting concepts with potential partner companies, which allow a direct integration of our Betterguards System into the manufacturing process. Shoes of this type will be able to protect effectively and at the same time allow natural freedom of motion.

So that you can be able to concentrate on what really counts in sports - your performance!

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Starting point of our technology

For the development of our technology we have used the fascination of dilatant fluids. These fluids change their viscosity when they move at different speeds.


Betterguards Technologie Validierung

Tested thoroughly

To guarantee a high quality standard, we have our product tested internally and externally with numerous test procedures.

The Julius Wolff Institute of the Charité Berlin has conducted a study on our Betterguards Technology. We are proud that our Betterguards System has been successfully validated by such an established institute.

Testing our technology will continue to be an integral part of our Betterguards philosophy.

Brand Partnerships

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B2B - Achieving more together

We are a technology supplier and development partner for companies in the fields of sports, medical technology and occupational safety and thus a classic "ingredient brand".

In addition to our technology - the so-called Betterguards System - and our technical know-how of its operating principles, we also offer additional support in the way of material recommendations, kits and building instructions so that our partners can integrate the technology as efficiently as possible.

Together we develop:

  • Innovative products
  • Smart solutions
  • Appealing designs
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