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Fast Protect Malleo

Together with Julius Zorn GmbH we have developed a unique ankle protection in the form of a soft support.
The FastProtect Malleo from JuZo's own brand Sportomedix allows you to focus on exactly what really counts - your performance in sports!

FastProtect Malleo Aussenansicht
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FastProtect Malleo Innenansicht
FastProtect Malleo Frontalansicht
FastProtect Malleo Aussenansicht


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"It takes a certain amount of courage to break new ground and add a completely new system like the Betterguards Technology to the product portfolio. We are therefore all the more pleased for JuZo that, together with the Betterguards development team, we have succeeded in designing a completely unique product worldwide in the form of the FastProtect Malleo ankle support and been successful in introducing it to the market.

The intelligent protective function is an innovation with considerable added value that is unique in the world to date and allows us as a company to tap into new potential. The positive feedback from users and athletes confirms that we have correctly placed our trust in the ambitious Betterguards company."


Uwe Schettler
CEO Julius Zorn GmbH


Martin Strobel Foto by Marco Wolf Eingefaerbt
Foto by Marco Wolf

"The technology definitely has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the protection and performance of athletes. I started to play with the Betterguards Technology some time ago and now I am really excited to see what the 2nd generation of Betterguards innovation can bring to the athletes’ community."

Martin Strobel
Former national handball player


Back Human Compressed


The Betterguards Technology can be used as an innovative protection for the back to assist with rehabilitation programs.

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Wrist V101 compressed bigger size


Integrated into gloves or protectors, the Betterguards System can protect against wrist injuries.

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Integrated into supports or orthoses, Betterguards Technology can play an important role in relieving pressure off the knee joint.

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