Platform technology

Safetybelt for all joints

The various use cases of the Betterguards Technology

Almost unlimited application possibilities


Versatile technology

The Betterguards Technology is very versatile. In addition to the processing in new types of bandages, gloves or in shoes from the areas of sports, leisure and occupational safety, our system can also be integrated into other products. These include body protectors. Thanks to the Betterguards Technology, these can be modified in such a way that they provide even more effective protection, especially in the case of fall injuries. Thanks to the intelligent protection in protectors, we can set new standards for freedom of movement in sports such as motorcross, mountain biking, skiing & snowboarding, football and ice hockey.

A further area of application is the integration of the technology in new types of orthoses. Here, Betterguards enables a significantly earlier mobilization of the joints after injury treatment than conventional solutions. The goal here is to maintain the muscles including sensorimotor functions.

Novel, intelligent textiles offer Betterguards an interesting field of research for the future. We are constantly working on making our technology even smaller, with the aim of incorporating it directly into textiles. In this way, joint or muscle areas can be directly protected and full freedom of movement can be maintained.


Not limited to the human anatomy

By the way, the use of Betterguards Technology is not limited to humans. In addition to the established application on the human body, we are also engaged in the research and implementation of other topics. For example, we are currently investigating and testing the use of the technology as an intelligent braking mechanism in rotary systems. Here we pursue the goal of braking almost everything that turns too fast or rolls away intelligently, in order to fulfil our mission to prevent as many injuries as possible and, in the long term, to let them be forgotten.

We are excited about the many opportunities and exciting collaborations that are emerging from these and will continue to work to make Betterguards Technology a solution in a variety of areas.

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