Shoes with Betterguards Technology

Ankle protection 2.0

The Betterguards Technology serves as effective ankle protection for shoes

High-Cut shoes with a Low-Cut feeling

In the past, major brands repeatedly tried to offer modern ankle protection with high-cut shoes. Manufacturers' previous efforts to provide additional protection and stability have had only moderate success.

With the Betterguards System integrated into shoes, there is now an intelligent solution that provides real protection without restricting the natural freedom of motion. Our technology is built into the manufacturing process in such a way that the shoe looks like a high-cut shoe, but feels like a low-cut shoe in terms of comfort.

Avena, an established German manufacturer in the healthcare market, has been offering comfort shoes with integrated Betterguards Technology since this year. Click on the link to go directly to the shop.

The integration of the Betterguards System

How the Betterguards Technology is integrated

The Betterguards Technology works similar to a safety belt in a car in its functionality. Connected by two fixed points, it can be integrated into numerous products.

These include shoes, for example, which offer a new combination of safety and freedom of motion as state-of-the-art ankle protection. The video clip here shows the integration using a typical basketball shoe as an example.

In addition to basketball shoes, the same principle naturally also applies to products from other industries and areas, such as occupational safety or non-specific shoes from the leisure sector.

Tested Effectiveness

Tested ankle protection in shoes
Tested ankle protection in shoes
Tested ankle protection in shoes
Tested ankle protection in shoes

More than just a close look

The success of ankle protection in shoes is dependent on its effectiveness. Only those who trust the shoe in its effectiveness will actually wear it.

Since the Betterguards System acts as a component for modern ankle protection, it is integrated directly into the shoe manufacturing process. In order to ensure the optimal use and effectiveness of our innovative technology, we test the shoes of our brand partners extensively during the development process and are always in close contact with them. Among other things, our Betterguards Lab is used for the tests, where we can expose products in their status as prototypes to various types of stress.

On our specially designed tilting platform, we simulate a movement as it occurs in the case of ankle injuries. Directly afterwards, we receive the data for evaluation. This step in product development is immensely important for us and underlines our protective concept, which is anchored in our core values. Only when a shoe performs well in our demanding test procedures and we and our partners are satisfied with the results, the shoe can convince in the most important test: everyday use.

Together with our brand partners, we strive to offer effective and, above all, reliable ankle protection in the shoe that also offers natural freedom of motion.

And this is exactly what we test every day anew.

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