Sportomedix ankle support

The FastProtect Malleo

The FastProtect Malleo by Sportomedix is an innovative product thanks to its Betterguards Technology inside

The FastProtect Malleo ankle support


The goal of product development:

Together with Julius Zorn GmbH we have developed a unique ankle protection. The FastProtect Malleo from JuZo's own brand Sportomedix combines the characteristics of protection and flexibility to a completely new product in injury prevention.

The aim was to offer a form of injury prevention which only intervenes in case of emergency and otherwise does not further impair. Conventional solutions often hinder athletes with their stiff material or simply do not protect effectively. With FastProtect Malleo, this is now a thing of the past. It allows you to concentrate on exactly what really counts - your performance in sports!

What the FastProtect Malleo is all about:

The innovative soft support protects the ankle joint during critical movements. Like a safety belt, it absorbs twisting movements of the foot, giving the muscles the time they need to counteract and stabilize the ankle. Joint injuries are thus efficiently stopped. FastProtect Malleo only becomes active when necessary and guarantees a natural freedom of motion during normal movements. Once triggered, the Betterguards System jumps back to its initial state and is immediately ready for use again. Tests from the Betterguards Lab show that the Betterguards System can withstand several million cycles and therefore have a long service lifespan.

The principle of this intelligent system is not only useful for injury prevention. It also enables a quicker return to sport, as the freedom of motion means that the surrounding structures of the joint are reactivated more quickly after an injury. Instead of excessively long rest periods in rigid orthoses, the intelligent support encourages the patient's own musculoskeletal system. However, acute injuries must of course be assessed differently from case to case and should therefore always be treated in consultation with a specialist.

One thing is certain:

The FastProtect Malleo from Sportomedix with integrated Betterguards Technology sets a new standard in intelligent protection against joint injuries.

The new soft support can be easily ordered online from our partner Sportomedix.

Winner of the Plus X - Award

The FastProtect Malleo with integrated Betterguards Technology is winner of the Plus X - Award

Proud winner

The FastProtect Malleo has been awarded with the Plus X Award. The award is considered the world's largest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle and distinguishes brands for the quality and innovation advantages of their products.

An expert jury, consisting of various representatives from different industries, awards the innovative support from the brand Sportomedix in three categories: Innovation, high quality and functionality.

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