Sportomedix ankle support

Sportomedix ankle support

The first ankle support with integrated Betterguards Technology. For effective protection and natural freedom of motion.

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Origin of the Betterguards Technology

The starting point of our research

For too long, there have been competing needs in the field of sports products, regardless of orthopaedics or footwear. On the one hand offering the highest possible level of protection and the greatest possible freedom of motion on the other. It has been impossible to satisfy both needs. Until now.

Betterguards has developed a technology that combines these two requirements.

Experts in materials science know so-called dilatant fluids, which stiffen under stress, but are otherwise generally fluid.

At the beginning of the research, Betterguards has been working intensively with such fluids. Betterguards further elaborated this fascinating, speed-dependent behavior and finally transferred it into an intelligent fluid system - the Betterguards System.

The passion for sports and research leads to the development of such an intelligent mechanism and has made Betterguards to a pioneer in the field of smart protection. The innovative platform technology now finally offers the possibility to generate speed-dependent high resistances.

The core - Our Betterguards System

Betterguards Adaptor

Design of the Betterguards System

Designed for joint protection, the Betterguards System consists of a rigid cylinder and a flexible, stretchable hose with an eyelet on its head. If you now pull on the system at a slow speed, it can be pulled out without much resistance.

At a critical speed, which has been set during production, the system blocks abruptly and thus prevents further extraction.

This feature enables the Betterguards System, when integrated in a product (e.g. bandage or shoe), to allow natural movement patterns, but stiffen within a few milliseconds in the case of a critical movement, like a twist. The Betterguards System thus counteracts the movement pattern that leads to the injury.

However, the platform technology can also be used in many different areas apart from joint protection. In order to open up these markets, our team works every day on the further development of the system and the possible applications.

The Betterguards Technology on the ankle model

Innovative protection for the ankle joint

Unlike traditional solutions on the market, the Betterguards Technology behaves differently when the foot moves slowly and jerkily. Thus, as a completely new system, it combines the best of two worlds:

A maximum freedom of motion with an effective protective function. An innovative and intelligent ankle protection.

Our benefits at a glance

The benefits

  • Protection against injuries in milliseconds
  • Long lasting – proven for more than two million cycles
  • Higher freedom of motion and more comfortable than rigid systems
  • No influence of temperature on its performance
  • Based on the anatomy and tuned to fit the application
  • The Betterguards Technology is currently protected by 15 patents
  • Externally validated by the Julius Wolff Institute (Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin)

The integration of the Betterguards System

How the technology is integrated

The Betterguards System is similar to a safety belt in a car in its functionality. Connected by two fixed points, it can be integrated into numerous products.

This includes shoes, for instance. The video clip shown is intended to illustrate the integration using a typical basketball shoe as an example.

In addition to basketball shoes, the same principle also applies to products from other industries, such as work safety or non-specific shoes from the leisure sector.


FstProtect Malleo Frontansicht
Die FastProtect Malleo von Sportomedix

The ankle support with integrated Betterguards Technology

Together with the Julius Zorn GmbH, we have developed a revolutionary ankle protection. The FastProtect Malleo from Sportomedix combines the characteristics of protection and flexibility to a completely new product in injury prevention.

So that you are optimally protected in sports and can concentrate on what really counts - your performance!

Optimal protection with maximal mobility, since you don't notice that you are wearing a soft support until you really need it

Julius Schröder
EHV Aue - Handball

The Betterguards Lab

Quality assurance

We don’t just think our products are amazing – we know they are!

Because our standards are so high, we test our products in ways we have specially designed for the examination of Betterguards Technology. Artificial joints are carefully measured, endurance tests are strenuously carried out and some brave volunteers even sprain their ankles in test conditions to ensure that our products don’t just look great but also pass the ultimate safety test.

Betterguards Lab resistance test

Field test

Measurement data can only go so far, the true test of Betterguards Technology is in the field. Our products are tested outdoors in real-world situations, on ankle sprain simulators and with the help of motion analysis.

Recording and analysing different scenarios with high-speed cameras provides vital information on critical performance values.

Betterguards Lab duration test

Protection test

Only products that pass the measure up meet our quality standards. All artificial joints, shoes, bandages and gloves are tested and their quality is verified before approval. An extremely high quality guarantee of optimum function under any circumstance must be met before a product can carry the Betterguards Technology name.

  • Max. speed of 1,2 m/s
  • Max. speed of 1,2 m/s
  • End speed of 180 mm/s (after acceleration path < 1 millimeter
Betterguards Lab Field Test

Durability test

To guarantee long-term functionality, we regularly measure up the endurance of our products. Deep testing over millions of cycles is needed to ensure the best quality and that the product stands up like no other.

Long after the wearer is exhausted, our product will endure and be ready for more.

Internal and external testing

Internal testing

Through validating and testing our technology for a long time we are able to communicate its attributes in a transparent way.

  • Protection against joint injuries in hyperextension:
    → Force: Up to 450 lbf
  • Reacts faster than muscle:
    → Reaction time: Up to 20 milliseconds (muscle: 100ms)
  • The adjustability of the release speed:
    → depends on the area of application
  • The release mechanism is reversible:
    → similar to a seat belt in a car, can be used again immediately
  • Reduced dimensions depending on requirement specifications:
    → Standard length: 3,9 in. , customizable upon request

External testing

To ensure a high standard in the quality we do not only test our products internally but also by external and independent sources.

The Julius Wolff Institute of the Charité Berlin, for example, conducted a study on our Betterguards Technology. We are very pleased to have our Betterguards System tested and validated by such an established Institute.

The testing of our Betterguards Technology is a key component of our Betterguards philosophy – today and in the future.

Please find the complete study here:


Quality that can be felt

As an innovative supplier of technology, Betterguards is always striving for improvement. To guarantee our high quality service, we constantly optimize our work processes. Our philosophy is to prevent faults from occurring, rather than fixing them afterwards.

Betterguard’s suppliers are selected based on a strict criteria to ensure quality. We pride ourselves on this reliability and it is something our customers can depend upon.

Safe products made to the highest standard, that’s the promise of our QM System.

We produce by ourselves

fast - reliable - lean

Our products are built on these principles.

Applying modern production technologies and processes we are able to integrate and realize your individual needs quickly. Every step in the process has been designed to recognize potential mistakes early on, before it becomes a problem.
Effective quality management supports the order fulfillment process, from start to finish.

This approach allows us to ensure maximum product flexibility combined with the highest process reliability.

ISO 9001
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